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Cosmetic Dentistry in Castle Hill

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Discreet teeth alignment with clear braces

Get straight, even teeth with the help of Invisalign clear trays or invisible braces that get your teeth perfectly aligned so you can smile big and smile better!

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Porcelain veneers for an attractive smile

Cover dental imperfections like misshapen, stained, discoloured or bumpy teeth with custom-created, wafer-thin porcelain shells that look just like your real teeth do!

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Dental implants for permanent tooth replacement

Natural teeth that have been lost for any number of reasons can be replaced with prosthetic teeth made of biocompatible titanium, zirconium, porcelain and ceramic.

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Why are Invisalign clear trays so popular?

Invisalign clear trays were approved for dental alignment treatment by the FDA in 1998 and came into the public eye a couple of years later, becoming massively popular. 

They are a discreet solution for teeth alignment, especially for adults whose lifestyle deters them from getting a mouth full of metal braces. 

They reduce the number of visits to a dental clinic as a dentist can simply hand over a series of trays to the patient, who can go through them at a schedule determined by the dentist. 

Invisalign may move teeth into their new position faster than regular braces. 

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Similarities between veneers and implants

Low maintenance treatments

Porcelain veneers and dental implants both require minimal upkeep once they are in place, with most patients forgetting they’ve had their teeth fixed.

Improve confidence and social interactions

An attractive smile is proven to give a better impression on people around us. People who show healthy teeth while talking and smiling are taken more seriously and given more attention.

Suitable for adult patients

Most dentists will recommend these treatments for adults, or at the least for children whose permanent teeth have erupted and whose jaws have stopped growing.

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Healthy teeth and even, confident smiles

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castle hill dental implant services
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Treating misaligned teeth in Castle Hill

close together teeth treatment in castle hill

Teeth that are too close together

At his Castle Hill dental centre, Dr Jack has treated patients with teeth that erupted so close they didn’t get space to fit properly and grew in any which direction.

far apart teeth treatment in castle hill

Teeth that are too far apart

Teeth that are too far apart can create problems such as weak roots, jawbone resorption and gum disease. Invisalign in Castle Hill is the best dental treatment for gapped teeth.

top teeth protruding beyond lower teeth treatment in castle hill

Top teeth protruding beyond lower teeth

An overbite is when a patient’s top front teeth don’t meet their bottom front teeth. Dr Jack uses Invisalign in his Castle Hill dental clinic to correct overbite.

bottom teeth extending beyond upper teeth treatement in castle hill

Bottom teeth extending beyond upper teeth

When the bottom teeth push further out than the top teeth, it is called an underbite. Dr Jack has successfully treated the condition using Invisalign in his Castle Hill dental clinic.

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Our Smile Transformations with Dental Implants!

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    Dreaming of that dazzling Hollywood smile, but money concerns are in the way?

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    Let us take care of it! Have you got superannuation?

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    We can assist you with an early release of super to support your dental health needs!

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    Don't allow financial hurdles to keep you from achieving the radiant smile you've always wished for!

A brighter smile is within your reach
with our affordable interest-free payment plans
that suit your budget.

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Giving you the smile you’ve wanted

Straight, even teeth have a synergy with increased confidence and good overall health. Let us correct your smile, so you go through life confidently, with a big smile! Book your appointment with Dr Jack today!

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Frequently asked Questions

How do I contact your Castle Hill dentist?

If you are looking for high-quality dental care in Castle Hill and its suburbs, Dr Jack Yang provides a full range of dental services, including Invisalign, under one roof. You can book your appointment online or call us at (02) 8806 3799.

Does Dr Jack offer Invisalign dental treatments only in Castle Hill?

Dr Jack treats performs the full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments in Castle Hill and Winston Hills, which are conveniently located for people living and working in the areas and surrounding suburbs like

  • Hills District
  • Baulkham Hills
  • Cherrybrook
  • West Pennant Hills
  • Dural
  • Norwest
  • Glenhaven

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the aesthetic improvement to enable smile makeovers. At his Castle Hill dental clinic as well as at his Winston Hills dental clinic, Dr Jack offers porcelain dental veneers and teeth whitening, which are considered cosmetic procedures.

What is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the repair and replacement of teeth that are diseased or missing due to old age, trauma or disease. 

Which cosmetic dental treatment does Dr Jack prefer as a Castle Hill dentist?

Dr Jack has a keen interest in porcelain veneers. He has customised veneers made in the best dental labs and ensures that they look and feel just like natural teeth do once they are fitted on your teeth.

What is the best form of dental care?

Effective dental care is nothing more than proper brushing of teeth twice a day, flossing daily and visiting your favourite dental practice twice a year.

Does Dr Jack perform dental surgery in Castle Hill?

Dr Jack is one of only a few dentists in Australia trained by Dr John Chao in the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique. He extracts teeth, especially impacted wisdom teeth, practices sleep dentistry and does root canal treatments as well.

Why is dental hygiene important?

Dental hygiene is important to maintain healthy teeth and gums so you can avoid complex dental treatments which may be needed if tooth or gum disease is not diagnosed and treated timely.

What is implant dentistry in Castle Hill?

Implant dentistry is the replacement of missing teeth with a three-part "alternate" to real teeth. Titanium or zirconium screws are implanted in the jawbone and allowed to fuse with it to become the roots of the new tooth.

Abutments of the same material connect this implant with the prosthetic teeth, which are porcelain crowns customised to look, feel and function like your real teeth.

As a Castle Hill dentist, does Dr Jack fit dental implants?

Dr Jack has a lot of experience in restorative dentistry procedures to replace missing teeth, such as implants, crowns and bridges and dentures.

Does Dr Jack provide affordable Invisalign treatment in Castle Hill, NSW?

Dr Jack Yang and his dental team are passionate about helping people live their best life with the help of a healthy mouth and an attractive smile.

They do all they can to provide affordable dental care in their Castle Hill NSW 2154 location, such as a free consultation at the first visit (for certain treatments) and offer interest-free payment plans.

Does Dr Yang provide payment plans for affordable general dental treatments in Castle Hill?

Dr Yang's mission is to provide top-class yet affordable dental treatment in Castle Hills and its suburbs. To this end, he

  • offers interest-free payment plans through National Dental Plan
  • accepts government-issued vouchers
  • accepts Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Why is Dr Jack Yang's Castle Hill dental clinic popular?

Dr Jack and his friendly team of dental practitioners provide the highest quality dental care with the help of cutting-edge technologies.

They are firm believers in gentle dentistry and make sure their patients are fully at ease when in their care by being caring and taking the time to talk with them about any treatment they require.

They also offer sleep dentistry, so the more anxious patients don't suffer any discomfort.

What is the best treatment for crooked teeth in Castle Hill?

Dr Jack Yang is experienced in straightening misaligned teeth. He usually opts for traditional metal or ceramic braces to treat complex cases or straighten children's teeth. Still, he prefers to use Invisalign clear aligners for adults whose jaws are fully grown and may need a discreet solution to malocclusion.

Is Dr Jack Yang an emergency dentist in Castle Hill?

Yes, Dr Jack is an emergency dentist in the Castle Hill area. He is happy to accommodate same-day appointments for dental emergencies and even has a dedicated number his patients can call out-of-hours if they need emergency care.

His team manning the phone line will offer temporary solutions for the emergency until an in-patient visit is possible or call the patient to the clinic for urgent treatment.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is defined as care that helps maintain good oral health and prevent injury.

The Australian Dental Association has published fact sheets on their website that give great information on maintaining good oral health, including things you should and should not do - you should brush and floss with the correct technique, and you should not smoke or consume too much sugar.

Wearing mouthguards for contact sports is also considered preventive dentistry.

What are some signs of good dental health?

A few signs of a healthy mouth are:

  • pink, firm gum tissue
  • white, even teeth with no signs of decay or disease
  • a pink, blemish-free tongue
  • gum line that adheres closely to teeth

A visit to Dr Jack Yang, your friendly Castle Hill dentist will help as he will check these signs and other less obvious ones to ensure you have a healthy mouth.

When should I book a dental visit?

For people with a healthy mouth, twice-a-year visits to your favourite dentist in Castle Hill should be enough.

For those undergoing any form of dental treatment, dental visits need to be scheduled according to the dentist's recommendation, so that treatment continues without interruption.

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