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Why is Dr Jack highly rated?

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Beautiful smiles, courtesy of Infinity Veneers

Dr Jack Yang has a keen interest in porcelain veneers. He has performed hundreds of successful smile makeovers using the beautiful, realistic Infinity Veneers to help bring your best smile forward.

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Invisalign clear trays and traditional braces treatments

Dr Jack is well-known for creating beautiful smiles for patients of all ages. He uses Invisalign for adult patients and traditional metal or ceramic braces for children and complex cases.

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Realistic dental implants for gapless smiles

Dr Jack uses the latest technology, including full-arch solution, to fit implants that look, feel and function exactly like real teeth, boosting your confidence and quality of life.
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What are orthodontic clear trays?

Clear trays are a discreet, replaceable dental treatment that brings misaligned teeth into position.

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces for adults whose jaw is fully grown and do not want an unsightly metal mouth.

While they are fast-acting in most cases (taking 12-18 months to achieve desired results) they are unsuitable for complex cases and are suitable for those who will wear them for the required 22 hours a day without exceptions.

Dr Jack has created beautiful smiles with the help of Invisalign clear trays, the gold standard in tooth alignment.

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What are porcelain veneers?

Cosmetic covers

Porcelain veneers are very thin covers placed upon pairs of natural teeth to cover imperfections such as differences in size, stains and discolouration and uneven surfaces.

Perfect match

The properties of colour matching exactly, reflecting light and perfect alignment with natural teeth and the gum line make porcelain veneers the best choice for those who want cosmetic improvement so their smile is perfect.

Infinity veneers

Dr Jack uses Infinity porcelain veneers due to their superior customisation abilities which can make them look just like your natural teeth and because they are impervious to stains and discolouration.

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Dr Jack Restoring and improving smiles

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baulkham hills dental implant
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dental implant in baulkham hills
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What decides the cost of dental implants?

baulkham hills high quality dental implant

High-quality materials

Dental implants are made with biocompatible materials that are expensive. 

The screw-like implant and abutment are made of titanium or zirconium while the crown itself is made of fine porcelain.

baulkham hills skilled dentists

Skilled and experienced dentists

Dentists charge for their skill and experience to fit implants. They undergo meticulous studies and exams to qualify, and gain experience over the years while staying current with the latest technology and advancements.

baulkham hills pre implants

Pre-implant requirements

Pre-implant procedures include tooth extractions, bone grafting and sinus lifts which can increase the price of treatment but are a necessity for a successful implant.

baulkham hills location

Location of the dental clinic

Dental clinics in larger cities or more affluent areas within the city may charge more than those located outside these places due to their higher overhead costs.

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    Dreaming of that dazzling Hollywood smile, but money concerns are in the way?

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    Let us take care of it! Have you got superannuation?

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    We can assist you with an early release of super to support your dental health needs!

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    Don’t allow financial hurdles to keep you from achieving the radiant smile you’ve always wished for!

A brighter smile is within your reach
with our affordable interest-free payment plans
that suit your budget.

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Making your dream smile a reality

Dr Jack Yang and his dental team can perfect your smile through a comprehensive range of dental treatments! 

We offer top-class, affordable services so you can smile with confidence! 

Book an appointment now.

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Frequently asked Questions

What dental treatment does Dr Jack offer?

Dr Jack offers the following dental services in his clinics near Baulkham Hills:

  • general dentistry such as treatment for dental decay and gum disease
  • preventative dentistry to maintain good oral health
  • major dentistry like dental surgery for root canal treatment and implants
  • sleep dentistry to ease distress in nervous patients
  • orthodontics for children and adults including Invisalign
  • cosmetic dentistry like dental veneers and teeth whitening
  • restorative dentistry such as dentures, crowns, bridges and dental implants
  • children's dentistry
  • emergency dentistry for toothaches and broken or missing teeth
  • treatment for snoring, sleep apnea, TMJ and bruxism
  • wisdom teeth extraction

Is Dr Jack Yang among the highest-rated dentists close to Baulkham Hills?

Dr Jack Yang is a highly qualified general dentist with extensive experience.

He has received his BDS from the University of Queensland and is currently studying to become a Master of Clinical Orthodontics through the City of London University.

He is one of a few dentists in Australia who have been trained by Dr John Chao in the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation surgical technique.

Between him and his team, they have more than 9000 satisfied patients.

What are All-On-4 dental implants?

All-On-4 implants are an entire row of teeth fitted onto just four implants that are fused with the jaw bone. 

If you are looking for alternatives to Baulkham Hills dentists, Dr Jack Yang and his skilled team in nearby Winston Hills and Castle Hill use the best-in-class All-On-4 dental implants to replace entire rows of teeth that are missing due to trauma or disease.

For a patient thinking about getting an implant, he offers a free consultation to discuss their eligibility for the procedure and its pros and cons!

Do people need dental services in Baulkham Hill? 

A study of more than 1500 adults in Australia found that a third of them had untreated caries and another third had gingivitis or periodontic disease.

If you are looking for a dentist near Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Winston Hills or other suburbs of Sydney, NSW, book an appointment with Dr Jack today!

How do I choose a reliable Baulkham Hills dental clinic?

If you are looking for high-quality, affordable and comfortable dental care near Baulkham Hills and its suburbs, visit either of our clinics. Our clinics are conveniently located in Castle Hill and Winston Hills, providing dental services for the entire family.

What are some signs of poor dental health?

Some signs of poor oral health are

  • bad breath
  • bleeding, swollen or sore gums
  • discoloured teeth
  • dental decay

If you are in Baulkham Hills and its suburbs, regular dental checkups with Dr Jack ensure your mouth is healthy, your teeth are straight and you have the self-confidence an attractive smile can give!

Let Dr Jack make your smile better!

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